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We'll connect online and set it up ourselves. You will be able to accept payments in 2 days. Money in your account the next day

Internet acquiring

Accept payments online – get Internet acquiring
Internet acquiring in three steps
1 - Leave an application and fill out the questionnaire
2 - Set it up yourself or get help
3 - Accept payment from buyers
Application for Internet Acquiring
Internet Acquiring in a convenient format
Entering Email confirms your consent to the conditions of information transfer.

Accept payment as convenient for your customers

We'll help you add a convenient form to the site, which is easy to fill out in a couple of clicks
Bill with a link. Convenient if customers often contact via messengers and chats
Payment acceptance can be integrated into your app. There are ready-made solutions for iOS and Android
We will choose a payment module for your CMS. Our developers will help you to configure it
All the right payment scripts
One-click payment and automatic payments
Easy refund if the customer rejects the purchase
Block the money on the buyer's card and write it off on your confirmation. No cancellation fee
Possibility to return a part of the amount to the buyer without cancelling the entire payment

What are you waiting for?

Accept payments online – get Internet acquiring